SolarWinds Lab Episode 78: Migrating From Ticketing to Full Service

While it would probably be impossible to manage your business’s technology or keep users happy without a help desk, there’s a limitation. You’re still interrupt-driven, reacting to a pile of problems and an endless stream of mundane tasks. In an ideal world, you users would self-manage, so you can be more proactive, and focus on the big issues that your business actually cares about. That’s where Service Desk comes in.

On this episode of SolarWinds Lab™, support managers Matt Cox and Brody Taylor join Head Geek™ Patrick Hubbard to discuss how to extend your help desk to empower users to solve problems, process requests, and reduce interruptions. They’ll show you how to add asset management, process automation, and a service catalog to your operation—and accelerate incident resolution. You’ll also learn how artificial intelligence is being used to analyze behavior, anticipate users’ needs, and help them find what they need, when they need it—on their own.

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