SolarWinds TechPod—Part I: Futureproofing. Your Other Full-Time Job.—Episode 018

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Future-proofing. It’s a buzzword you hear a lot these days, but it can mean quite a few things if you’re an IT professional. Forecasting your next round of hardware upgrades? Sure. Migrating to the cloud, adopting the next whatever as a service, building out long-range budgets? Yup. Or maybe your current role now necessitates leveling-up IT skills for an evolving job title? The list goes on. At the end of the day, future-proofing has really become a larger exercise in adaptability and how you as an IT professional, your IT department, and your company navigate the endless change we’re all challenged with in this business.  

Join this SolarWinds TechPod episode host Kevin Sparenberg as he delves into all things future-proofing with Jez Marsh, Founder of Silverback Systems, Ltd., and Brad Cline, Director of IT for SolarWinds.   

Kevin M. Sparenberg
Technical Content Manager, Community

Kevin started playing with computers on a TI-99/4A when he was just a wee lad. Since then, he’s broken almost as many systems and he’s fixed—working in retail, customer support, consulting, and most recently with a global law firm, before joining SolarWinds and contributing to many roles and departments. 

Guests / Bios 
Brad Cline 
Director of IT

Drawn to technology at a young age, Brad’s passions included everything from rebuilding defunct Atari’s to optimizing boot sequences on the parents Tandy. Following that passion lead to a career of over 20 years in the tech industry, from a start in building Token Ring networks, a path through virtualization and the current direction of cloud migration, every day in tech brings a new challenge. He is currently leading the Enterprise Platforms and Operations team for SolarWinds, focused on implementing the next wave of technology to enhance the business initiatives. His free time is focused on being a husband, parenting a dog pack and restoring classic cars. 

Jez Marsh 
Silverback Systems Ltd. 

Jez is the Founder of Silverback Systems Services Ltd, a U.K. business specialized in helping SolarWinds customers get the best out of their investment. A true IT generalist, in his 20-year career in tech he has worked with many different vendors and platforms, in many different roles, from engineering to operations. He freely admits that none of his past jobs were as challenging or as rewarding as what he has experienced since deciding to specialize in Enterprise Monitoring. In his spare time, he’s a husband, father of two, gamer, and occasional podcaster on various topics.