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Derek Daly

Principal AIOps Product Manager

As of Jan 2023 I've been with SolarWinds for ten years. During this time I have primarily been part of the Solutions Engineering team. I started out as a network focused solutions engineer focusing on EMEA market. Over time I stuck my fingers into the systems side of the business and as we grew our product offerings I managed to stay connected to most products. In 2021 I started studying machine learning and once some folks in the product team found out I got an offer I couldn't refuse - a move into the AIOps team as a product manager. This move was my opportunity to help craft some functionality that I knew would make our customers live's ten times easier, and the chance to learn new skills. So far we've released Anomaly-Based Alerting and our alert clustering solution called AlertStack. We are on the cusp of releasing some more outstanding AIOps features. Outside of work I balance my time between kids and sport. I run a few times a week and play five-a-side football weekly for as long as my knees will hold up! I skate and surf when I can. I have a serious addiction to collecting boards - my shed is filled with skateboards, surfboards and snowboards. I'm also a vinyl record collector - mainly electronic music.

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