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Kevin Kline is a Head Geek, noted database expert, and software industry veteran. As a 13-time Microsoft Data Platform MVP and with 35 years' experience under his belt, Kline is passionate about improving the quality of life for Microsoft database professionals, their organizations, and their customers.

Posts Featuring Kevin Kline

The Disappearing DBA: Nobody Goes to School to Become a Data Janitor — SolarWinds TechPod 045

Automation has been a disaster for the traditional database administration (DBA) role. As more systems and processes are automated away with code, the need for DBAs decreases. In time, the…

A DBA’s Habit for Success: CMMI (Part Five)

We’ve reached the final piece of our five-part series, and while I’m sad to end it, I hope you or your DBA teams have learned enough to move forward with…

A DBA’s Habit for Success: CMMI (Part Four)

Welcome back! We’re nearing the end of our five-part series, and I hope you’ve gotten the information you need as a DBA to mature your business. In this part of…

A DBA’s Habit for Success: CMMI (Part Three)

Welcome back! As we enter the halfway point of this five-part series, we’ll discuss Level 3 of the capability maturity model (CMM) and the role it plays in helping DBAs…

A DBA’s Habit for Success: CMMI (Part Two)

Welcome back to our five-part series in which we discuss a top habit for DBAs to increase business functionality. In part one of this series, we discussed the importance of…

A DBA’s Habits for Success: CMMI (Part One)

Finding the perfect flow for your business can take time and patience. Like almost anything else in life, a business must go through stages of maturity before it reaches its…

Key Challenges of Database Cloud Migration

As we shift enterprise computing to the cloud, the need for database migration increases—but with this comes the inherent challenges of migration and the need to plan. Moving to the…

Further Tips on our Database Migration to the Azure Cloud Session at MS Ignite 2021

I was really stoked to deliver a session at Microsoft Ignite with my long-time friend and fellow Head Geek™, Tom LaRock, on the topic of migrating an on-premises SQL Server…

5 Universal Steps to Cloud Database Migration

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are (or are thinking about) moving to cloud. While cloud migration isn’t a new term and many people are migrating, there are a…

Meet the New Old Guy on the Head Geek Team

Growing up in the suburbs of Seattle, WA, in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s was like most everyone else’s experiences. Dad worked as an analog computer engineer for a…


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