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Performance Tuning and Time Invested

I never cared for the phrase “wasted time” when it comes to something like performance tuning. Sure, we all feel that way, especially when we spend hours on something only…

Have You Made These 5 Database Design Mistakes?

Look, everyone makes mistakes. It’s true. But not all of us have the chance to make mistakes that end up costing millions of dollars in hardware and production support costs.…

SQL Server CXPacket Wait Type

When are CXPACKET waits a problem? Note: This article, by Thomas LaRock, was posted 8/19/2013 and supercedes the previous version. This update has been made in response to comments made on the original article…

SQL Server fn_dblog() Function Details and Example

The fn_dblog() function (formerly known as the DBCC command) is one of several undocumented functions for SQL Server. It allows you to view the transaction log records in the active…

SQL Server ASYNC Network IO Wait Type

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN RECENTLY UPDATED AND CONTAINS NEW, TECHNICAL INFORMATION Note: For SQL2000 this wait is called NETWORKIO. The ASYNC_NETWORK_IO wait indicates that one of two scenarios are happening.…


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Here are three steps government employees can take to become good cybercitizens.

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What are the post-pandemic security concerns for IT pros? - @solarwinds

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ICYMI: Head Geek @leonadato sits down with @whurley to discuss the future of Quantum, the current state of IT, and…