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Happy IT Pro Day!

As we all know, lists and their thinly-veiled derivatives, listicles, drive social media. Post the “top 5 kinds of belly button lint” and you’ll probably get at least a few clicks from people with 5 minutes and nothing better to read. One of the …


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Monitoring Your Systems in the Cloud

What happens to our applications and infrastructure when we place them in the cloud?  Have you ever felt like you’ve lost insight into your infrastructure after migrating it to the cloud?  There seems to be a common complaint among organizations that at one point …



Interview: Why the UK NHS is Struggling to Move to the Cloud

Despite ploughing more than £50m into the digital transformation of the NHS, evidence suggests only a handful of trusts have adopted the Government’s “cloud first” policy.   NHS Digital spent more than £32m on digital transformation consultancy services, and £23m with cloud, software, and …