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There’s A Script for That

If there’s a chance to save time by using scripts or automation tools, I always take it. Over the years I’ve found that there are a set of common themes…

Designing a Monitoring Solution: Where Are Your Eyes?

Contemporary monitoring solutions are no different from any other distributed application in your environment. Even a small-scale deployment can include multiple components: often, these include a Web server, an application server, and…

How Does your VMware Environment Look Today? A Rationale for the VOA

VMware® as a technology has a huge potential to sprawl. Have you created an environment for testing purposes? Have projects required a number of guest VMs to be built, but…

On Becoming a Virtualization Professional

I’ve been a VMware® evangelist and virtualization advocate for a decade. Even before I first started using VMware—by accident, I’ll admit—I’ve had the (dis?)advantage of wearing many hats in IT.…

How to Explain Virtualization to Newbies

In the world of enterprise architecture, many parts of our daily conversations are taken for granted. We talk about virtualization, vMotion®, Storage vMotion, Replication, IOPS, and so very many other…


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Interested in becoming a Microsoft MVP? SolarWinds Head Geek @kekline dishes out what it takes in this blog.

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Combining #digitalocean monitoring with AppOptics provides full-stack visibility and proactive monitoring across ap…

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Finding a solution to database issues is notoriously difficult. Learn how proactively monitoring with SolarWinds DP…