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As a society, so much of everything we do these days revolves…


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Monitor MySQL Database Users with VividCortex

VividCortex now supports per-user metrics in Top Queries, so you can monitor MySQL database user activity in detail. By changing the Rank menu from Queries to Users you can now…

New reCaptcha support in angular-recaptcha

Google released a new reCaptcha that is “tough on bots, easy on humans.” It is really simple to use, and it has greatly improved the security against robots and other…

Find Queries That Lack Indexes

It’s an ancient tradition amongst MySQL DBAs to analyze slow query log files and sort the results by the so-called “index ratio” to find badly indexed queries. The “index ratio,”…

In Case You Missed It – Building a Time-Series Database in MySQL

In this webinar, Baron Schwartz explains how VividCortex has used MySQL to support a large-scale, high-velocity time-series database in the AWS cloud.

MySQL Error Codes Out Of Context

In the wrong context, almost anything can be funny, and MySQL’s error codes are no exception. A few weeks ago, things got a little loopy as we discovered some definitions…

Why Data Performance Monitor is Cheaper Than DIY Open-Source

Talk to someone who runs monitoring systems at a company with more than a few servers and you’ll quickly find out that scaling their monitoring systems is far from a…

Running SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor Via An HTTP Proxy

Many of SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor’s customers have strict policies about Internet access from and to their database servers. As a longtime consultant who worked on many servers that lacked…

How Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages Work

We use exponentially weighted moving averages (EWMAs) quite a bit in a few algorithms. They’re one of the tricks everyone should have in their toolbox for cheaply approximating recent history…

Analyzing Prepared Statement Performance

Optimizing MySQL performance requires the ability to inspect production query traffic. If you’re not seeing your application’s production workload, you’re missing a vital part of the picture. In particular, there…

SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor Now Supports Amazon RDS For MySQL

We are excited to announce that we now support monitoring Amazon RDS for MySQL. Previously we relied exclusively on deep packet inspection, but since customers can’t install agents on RDS…


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