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As a society, so much of everything we do these days revolves…


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Adaptive Fault Detection Versus Anomaly Detection

We get a lot of questions about what our Adaptive Fault Detection algorithm really is and how it works. Although I can’t tell you exact details, I want to explain…

Join Our Team! We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring! VividCortex has several open positions, both technical and non-technical. All of these positions are fulltime, based in Charlottesville, VA or Montevideo, Uruguay. Our benefits include: Fulltime salaried positions…

How to Fix Hangout Restrictions on Google Apps

We use Google Hangout all the time to conduct calls with employees, service providers, customers and pretty much anyone. It’s a great tool, and in our opinion more friendly to…

Multi-Threaded Replication in MySQL

For years, people lamented that MySQL’s replication was single-threaded. Peter, Vadim, and I griped about this in High Performance MySQL for two whole editions, as well as a bunch of…

Performance Schema, Slow Query Log, and TCP Decoding

Peter Zaitsev posted Percona’s answer to the question, “why use the slow query log instead of the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA tables to gather information about query execution and timing?” At SolarWinds, we…

A Tale of Two Memory Leaks in Go

In this post I’ll illustrate two ways I’ve accidentally caused slow but steady memory consumption in Go programs. The phrase “memory leak” isn’t really accurate, but I can’t think of…

Multitick: multiple-subscriber time.Ticker in Go

Many of our agent programs have several independent worker routines that all need to be timed on clock ticks, sometimes with a specific time offset. We recently open-sourced multitick, a…

Analysis of PayPal’s Node-vs-Java benchmarks

I was interested in the data shown in PayPal’s blog post on switching from Java to Node.js, for two reasons. First, at a glance both sets of benchmark data looked…

How to write Go packages coders will love

This post was featured in our July 2015 anthology of most popular SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor (DPM) blog posts of all time. One of the patterns I’ve found in the…

Big-O Notation Made Simple

If you’re a programmer or computer scientist, you’re probably familiar with Big-O notation. It’s part of your foundational understanding of how complex a problem and/or algorithm is. But most explanations…


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ICYMI: This fifth and final piece to the CMMI overview covers Level 5 and the advantage of business agility from a… t.co/nuDX46mbj2

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It pays to be proactive instead of reactive during incident management. And there’s wealth in setting up time-based… t.co/fZZRSVsJNk