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A Tale of Two Memory Leaks in Go

In this post I’ll illustrate two ways I’ve accidentally caused slow but steady memory consumption in Go programs. The phrase “memory leak” isn’t really accurate, but I can’t think of…

Multitick: multiple-subscriber time.Ticker in Go

Many of our agent programs have several independent worker routines that all need to be timed on clock ticks, sometimes with a specific time offset. We recently open-sourced multitick, a…

Analysis of PayPal’s Node-vs-Java benchmarks

I was interested in the data shown in PayPal’s blog post on switching from Java to Node.js, for two reasons. First, at a glance both sets of benchmark data looked…

How to write Go packages coders will love

This post was featured in our July 2015 anthology of most popular SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor (DPM) blog posts of all time. One of the patterns I’ve found in the…

Big-O Notation Made Simple

If you’re a programmer or computer scientist, you’re probably familiar with Big-O notation. It’s part of your foundational understanding of how complex a problem and/or algorithm is. But most explanations…

100% Reproducible Builds in Go

This post was featured in our July 2015 anthology of most popular SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor (DPM) blog posts of all time. One of the nice things about Go is statically…

Godaemon, a Library to Daemonize Go Apps

At SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor we have a specific need to daemonize one of our Go applications, which must safely run detached from terminals, with a working directory that won’t…

A tutorial on how to use Go’s database/sql package

We found ourselves wishing for a tutorial to complement the database/sql documentation in Go, so we wrote one and shared it on Github. Please send pull requests to contribute improvements! UPDATE: …

Streaming Approximate Histograms in Go

If you’re looking at response time, what’s more useful: a mean or a percentile? Not sure? You probably know how to calculate the average or mean of a sample, but…

4 Statistical Process Control Rules That Detect Anomalies in Systems

Statistical Process Control (SPC), or using numbers or data to study the characteristics of our process to make it behave the way we want it to behave, has been around…


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