How Mobile Is Transforming IT Service Management

A project manager is working at a remote site, and suddenly, her laptop won’t hold a charge. An account executive is in a hotel conference room making final preparations for a presentation, but he’s locked out of PowerPoint. The CEO has a speaking engagement …


Public Cloud: All Aboard the Hype Train!

We’ve all heard it before. “The cloud is the future!” “We need to move to the cloud!” “The on-premises data center is dead.” If you believe the analysts and marketing departments, public cloud is the greatest thing to happen to the data center since …



Dominating and Protecting the Connected Battlefield

“Dominance” and “protection” sum up the Defense Department’s goals as U.S. armed forces begin to modernize their networks and communications systems. DOD is investing significant resources in providing troops with highly advanced technology so they can effectively communicate with each other and allies in …



Warning! A Robot Will Do Your Job Soon

Everyone take a deep breath and calm down. The likeliness of a robot taking over your job any time soon is very low. Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing trend, and machine learning has improved by leaps and bounds. However, the information technology …



Meh, CapEx

Do you remember the good old days when you saved up your hard-earned cash to buy the shiny thing you’d been longing for? You know, like that Betamax player, the TV with the lovely wood veneer surround, or a Chevrolet Corvair? What happened to …

ITSM and IT Operations



Employee Experience Dynamic Duo: ITSM and IT Operations

Technology’s prevalence and our dependence on said technology in the workplace is only growing. It should come as no surprise then that in a recent survey of SolarWinds global customers, more than half* said that organizational leadership views IT as “very important” when it …