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How We Use the Customer Feedback Survey to Optimize Customer Experiences

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As director of customer success, understanding and improving the customer experience is my main priority. In my years with SolarWinds, I’ve found the best way to do this is to speak with and gather feedback from our customers—feedback we make a point to listen to and act on. For us, the customer feedback survey is a formal feedback loop allowing us to listen and empathize with our diverse range of customers and prospects. But ultimately, the survey allows us to have conversations with our customers and learn how we can improve. We strive to be customer-centric, constantly looking for ways to improve our services and product offerings to provide the best solutions to everyday issues. As we continue on our transformation journey, your valuable feedback has played a pivotal role in providing us with the insight needed to improve. From our new service offerings, recent updates to SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability, and the release of our new software as a service (SaaS) SolarWinds Observability solution, feedback will continue to drive innovation.

Your feedback is our key to excellence

SolarWinds partners and customers are integral to our overall success in delivering an excellent customer experience. With every survey submission including a specific comment or suggestion, our customer success team reviews and reaches out to the respondent to make sure we fully understand their response. From the comments and suggestions, we then analyze for any commonalities and determine what next steps we should take to better serve our customers. A labor of love for my team, we do this because we want to ensure every respondent is heard and every suggestion is taken into full consideration. With these comments, SolarWinds has been able to improve products and provide the services supporting your successes. At SolarWinds, we know many of our customers depend on our products and view our success as their success. With this partnership in mind, we want every customer to have a voice in shaping our programs. It’s because of customer feedback we’ve recently implemented our new support structure, which decreased support phone holding times by over 70% and case resolution time by over 30%. Comments from our customer feedback surveys have also driven new solutions and updates and improved the end-to-end customer experience. A few examples of these improvements include:
  • Release of the Customer Success mobile app
  • Continued focus on Secure by Design initiatives
  • Improved response time within the support organization
  • Roll out of our new support process
  • Streamlined escalation process between support and development to decrease time to resolution
  • Multiple product updates with security and experience updates
As the above highlights, feedback is the number one way to help ensure the solutions you need are solutions we create.

Transforming IT one customer feedback survey at a time

The customer feedback survey is a tool too often taken for face value, but here at SolarWinds, it is connected to our executive objectives and key results to ensure we’re listening, improving, and delivering upon our customer-centric promise. Thank you to all who took a few minutes to complete the survey to let us know how SolarWinds is working for you and how we can support you in the future.
Summer Jowett
Summer Jowett focuses on our customer experience, services, and digital success programs. Summer built her career working with customers in the financial, technology, and communications…
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