Attitude Adjustment: Accentuate the Positive

September 23, 2020

Experienced IT practitioners know applications and solutions—whether off-the-shelf, customized, or built from scratch—are rarely a perfect fit. Inevitably, something doesn’t work quite the way we want, scale to quite the level we need, or cost exactly what our budget approvers would prefer. However, there’s …



SupportWorld Live Goes Virtual! A Recap and Lessons Learned

September 18, 2020

Conferences, while a lot of work, are such a fun outlet to connect with other people in the IT community. It’s an opportunity to learn about new technologies, trends, and gain new perspectives around the industry. Some of my favorite memories of past conferences …


A Beautiful ITSM Union: ITIL and DevOps

September 17, 2020

Since the launch of ITIL 4, incorporating DevOps into service management strategy has been a hot topic. On the surface, both DevOps and ITIL are frameworks that can help facilitate successful operations surrounding IT services. But that doesn’t mean that IT pros need to …



Reimagine All You Have Learned: APM and the Skills Gap

September 16, 2020

APM tools have been formerly and primarily siloed in the application development arena, with only the most important and mission-critical applications having their APM instrumentation extended into production use due to complexity and cost. In the modern world of application monitoring, the requirements for …