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As a society, so much of everything we do these days revolves…


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The American Rescue Plan Helps With Federal IT Modernization. Where Should Agencies Start?

Last summer, federal agencies responded to a request from Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) for insights into their IT modernization strategies and how Congress can help in the form of funding.…

Do You Need an Alert for Your Alerts? Building Smarter Monitoring Systems

Traditional systems monitoring solutions poll various counters (typically simple network management protocol [SNMP]), pull in data and react to it. If an issue requiring attention is found, an event is…

A DBA’s Habit for Success: CMMI (Part Three)

Welcome back! As we enter the halfway point of this five-part series, we’ll discuss Level 3 of the capability maturity model (CMM) and the role it plays in helping DBAs…

Nothing is Ever Wasted (part 2)

Last week shared some of my early experiences working in non-technical jobs, and the lessons I learned which turned out to be relevant to my IT career as well. If…

What Happens When I Execute a Query?

To many developers and system administrators—and even to some database administrators—database engines are a black box. They’re complex pieces of software that, in some cases, even have their own operating…

Why Does My Database Need Indexes?

Have you ever deployed a new application that ran fine at first, then slowed to crawl as more and more data was added? Or tried to run a report that…

The SolarWinds Query Report 2021: Database Priorities and Pitfalls

The industry has arrived at a critical inflection point in database management. The rise of hybrid IT and accelerated adoption of cloud-native apps have evolved traditional database design, management, and…

Do You Know Where Your Cloud Is? Understanding Shadow IT

The public cloud has greatly increased the flexibility of businesses everywhere. Need another petabyte of storage? You’re but a few mouse clicks or a couple lines of code away from…

Monitoring and Tuning Open-Source Databases

By continuously running a well-built general-purpose database performance monitoring facility, organizations can gain constant visibility into the availability and responsiveness of their databases and database management systems (DBMSs). When such…

Nothing is Ever Wasted (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin Kline (@kekline) and I reminisced about activities from our youth (I’m talking about public speaking and sports, not “getting up from a chair without…


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