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It’s a Wrap! THWACKCamp 2022 by the Numbers

THWACKcamp™ 2022 is a wrap, and the consensus is in: this was our best THWACKcamp yet. We really couldn’t have asked for better participation and engagement from our global community…

Troubleshooting the Internet: If You Can’t Have Authority, Visibility Will Do

The vast majority of businesses aren’t all on-premises or all-cloud, but rather in some form of hybrid IT middle ground. That means “who owns the system” (and a closely related…

Controlling Cloud Cost Requires a Change in IT Financial Perspective

For IT practitioners, cloud can initially seem like a candy store where everything is enticing and delicious and cheap enough to seem free. What they don’t realize is how quickly costs…

IT Service Management: Streamline Your Workflows to Make Everyone Happier

Shadow IT is, at best, an organizational distraction; and at worst, a team of people working at cross-purposes to the business and causing harm. But if shadow IT is such a bad thing, why…

Overprovisioned and Overspent: Optimize Before You Lift and Shift

Do you know what’s wrong with “lift and shift?” Everything. But why? In this video, SolarWinds Head Geek Leon Adato and Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M. Sparenberg dig into what goes wrong during on-prem…

Application Tracing Is for Everyone Now

With the move to cloud, the mix of applications IT professionals have to focus on has shifted toward completely home-grown, custom applications. And because of this, monitoring has to provide…

Cloud or On-Prem? With Monitoring, It’s Both-And, Not Either-Or

Despite the migration of services and systems to cloud (either all or in part), many of the fundamental aspects of the day-to-day work IT practitioners do hasn’t changed. It’s just moved. In…

Why Change Control for Your Servers Is Important, and How to Do It

The shared responsibility model doesn’t mean cloud customers don’t have to worry about changes on their systems. In a brief 10-minute conversation, SolarWinds Head Geek Leon Adato and Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M.…

Secure by Design | The CISO Perspective

CDW Technology Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer Ruben Chacon, SolarWinds CISO and VP, Security Tim Brown, and SolarWinds Head Geek Thomas LaRock talk about what CISOs need to…

There’s More Than One Way to Monitor Database Performance – SolarWinds Lab Episode #96

Data, and database growth, is exponential. With this added growth comes added complexity, making it difficult to find resolutions when problems arise. And if this wasn’t difficult enough, the hybrid…


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