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How ITSM Helps Drive Exceptional Digital Employee Experience

Throughout the pandemic, we heard quite a bit about digital transformation initiatives. Companies are often looking for ways to leverage technology as a competitive advantage to accelerate business outcomes. However,…

Saving Customers Money Through Thoughtful Solutions to Long-Term Problems

As EVP, chief customer officer, I regularly speak with enterprise-level customers to provide continued support and strategize how SolarWinds can best support their goals. When my team or I meet…

Hybrid IT…It’s Trendy? — SolarWinds TechPod 069

The IT Trends report is released by SolarWinds every year with predictions on what will be the most popular trends in IT during the upcoming months. As we enter the…

Five Reasons Why Python Is Popular

One of my first projects as a consultant created a web application for a small tax software company in Omaha, Nebraska. They were looking to improve their online presence by…

Quantum Computing May Be Closer Than We Think—Is Your Agency Prepared?

As part of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure investment plan, the administration had committed $180 billion to “R&D and industries of the future.” It’s been made clear if the United…

Three Critical Questions for Healthcare

Why Should Healthcare Bother With IT? Healthcare has always been people-centric—so should IT even be a consideration when the real issue is people? Before the pandemic, healthcare was already experiencing…

Winning Over the Skeptics: How SD-WAN Is Transforming Government Networks

Are software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) worth the hype? Read below as our own Brandon Shopp details the value of this fast up-and-coming technology and how it can help. Public…

The Growth of milCloud 2.0 Demands a New Monitoring Approach

The addition of Amazon Web Services and VMware to the Defense Department’s milCloud 2.0 contract will make it easier for agencies to transition applications and services to the cloud. However, the acceleration of this effort may…

SolarWinds Expands Global Intern Program With Virtual Career Fairs in 2022

At SolarWinds, we are a people-first company. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of the people we serve—including our employees, customers, shareholders, Partners, and communities. It is our People…

Don’t Fear the Automation

Automation is often portrayed as a scary thing. Whether it’s artificially intelligent robots conquering the planet or a world where no one can find work because automatons have taken everyone’s…


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