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The High Cost of Poor Database Performance (It’s Not Just Monetary)

What is the cost of database performance for businesses today? The very shocking reality is most owners have absolutely no idea. In fact, I would even go so far as…

How Database Observability Increases Operational Reliability

Early on in my career as a DBA, I began to realize I wasn’t a Database Administrator as much as the Default Blame Acceptor for nearly any application problem. Let’s…

What You Don’t Know About Azure Synapse

There are so many interesting and very useful Azure services out there. Over my time in the IT industry, I have seen the evolution of virtualization and eventually the cloud.…

Selecting the Best Azure VM Type for Your Workload

Organizations all over the world have been moving workloads to the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides a host of benefits and services which make it a top choice for on-premises to…

How to Assess Current Workloads for a Cloud Migration

Organizations large and small are taking advantage of cloud computing. This can be as simple as leveraging Office 365 or migrating all of their business applications from a data center…

How to Build Processes and Reports While Protecting Data for GDPR

Privacy and data protection remain essential priorities for companies of all types and sizes. More organizations realize they are accountable for any personal information they store, even with a justifiable…

DataOps vs. DevOps – Similar or Completely Different?

Over the past several years, there has been a big focus on streamlining infrastructure operations. Many organizations have begun using DevOps principles in their software development and operations activities. We’ve…

Can an Application Exist Today Without a Database?

As a data professional, I often think about all the things around me generating data and consider where this data is ultimately being used. Have you ever taken a minute…

A Guide to Stack Overflow’s Path to the Cloud

Like many companies, Stack Overflow is trying to get out of the business of running our architecture in our own data centers; instead, we want to offload some of the…

The Power of Harnessing DevOps for the Database

Why do some organizations excel in streamlining their database operations and applications development while others find it immensely challenging? Why can some database teams embrace agility while others take months…


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