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Kevin Kline is a Head Geek, noted database expert, and software industry veteran. As a 13-time Microsoft Data Platform MVP and with 35 years' experience under his belt, Kline is passionate about improving the quality of life for Microsoft database professionals, their organizations, and their customers.

Posts Featuring Kevin Kline

Importance of Data Stewards for Master Data Management: The Power of a Single Version of the Truth

Not many years ago, the role of the data steward was the domain of the world’s largest organizations. When I was in college, the only person I heard of with…

It’s a Wrap! THWACKCamp 2022 by the Numbers

THWACKcamp™ 2022 is a wrap, and the consensus is in: this was our best THWACKcamp yet. We really couldn’t have asked for better participation and engagement from our global community…

A Conversation With Aaron Bertrand

Back in the early days of Microsoft SQL Server, database administrators had few resources to draw upon and learn from. In the ’90s, we had SQL Server Professional, edited by…

SolarWinds Tech Predictions for 2022: Data Governance and Risk Aversion – SolarWinds TechPod 059

Join our Head Geeks in Part 2 of our 2022 Tech Predictions TechPod series where they share their thoughts on the rise of Chief Data Officers and data governance principles, risk aversion,…

Monitoring Insights for Database Managers – SolarWinds TechPod 057

As part of our ongoing mini-series on Monitoring for Managers, Head Geek and database aficionado Kevin Kline teams up with fellow Head Geek Leon Adato to break down the essential…

Figuring IT Out: The People Behind IT — SolarWinds TechPod 056

IT pros juggle a lofty list of responsibilities. They’re tasked with navigating new technology, maintaining continuity for hybrid work environments, devising creative solutions, all while ensuring those they support are successful. In our day-to-day interactions, we often…

The Disappearing DBA: Embracing Automation to Advance Your Career — SolarWinds TechPod 054

A good DBA is hard to find. This is because a good DBA wears many hats, often equating to 3 – 4 full time jobs. How can this be achieved or sustained? The secret is automation, and automation…

International Podcast Day With the Head Geeks

International Podcast Day began in 2015 to celebrate the audio medium around the world. The day is meant to acknowledge and appreciate all who make podcasting possible—from the hosts to…

The Disappearing DBA: Career Advice From a Data Janitor — SolarWinds TechPod 049

The DBA role is complex. Pitfalls exist everywhere you turn, and it can be difficult to survive and thrive. On this episode of TechPod, we’ll help accidental DBAs become a DBA survivors with career…

What’s Your IT Pro Journey?

Last week, my friend and colleague Leon Adato (t | b) introduced 2021’s IT Pro Day theme “Bring IT On” and observed an IT pros’ life experiences helped to form…


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