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Supporting Our Partners: SolarWinds Transform Partner Program 2023 and Beyond

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As SolarWinds develops new and adapts existing products to meet the needs of our customers, we also emphasize our partners and how critical they are to our success. Together with our partners for nearly 25 years, we’ve provided best-in-class solutions to help them manage and secure customer data. Our partners rate SolarWinds highly for our product portfolio in network management, application performance, and database management, as well as reliability, technical support, cost efficiency, ease of deployment, enablement, and customer retention. Through the launch of our Transform Partner Program in October 2022, we continue to become a more channel-driven organization.  Since launch, we have worked to develop and improve the Transform Partner Program, focusing on supporting growth and rewarding our partners. SolarWinds channel partners are integral to our success in delivering an excellent customer experience. We’ve achieved great success together, and with the Transform Partner Program, our enhanced focus on channel growth and development will lead us to even greater success.  

Improving to support partners 

The partner program provides SolarWinds partners several benefits, including financial incentives, performance rebates, enablement and training programs, an enhanced Partner Portal, and new marketing and sales support. We have heard partner feedback since we launched and improved our benefits to offer SolarWinds partners strong profit potential, significant growth opportunities, and world-class tools and resources.   We continue to improve our program and solution offerings through: 
  • Expanded investments by increasing our field coverage, launching our new global partner program benefits, and launching our new global SolarWinds Partner Portal. 
  • Growth with our new observability offerings—both on-premises and in the cloud—and new ways to sell through an expanded MSP program and cloud partnerships. 
  • Profitability with our annual subscription model, a new services program and products, and our program-aligned benefits.  
To support these goals, we simplified our product pricing and packaging last year with the SolarWinds Platform, where customers can try many of our solutions for free and easily roll into a subscription when they continue using the solution. We also simplified the packaging by offering three distinct tiers that are easy to identify and scale as the customer’s company grows.   Employing these strategies enables us to tap into fresh ways to market and address new and existing customer personas. With our solutions, we continue to support customers, and with our partner program, we support our partners.  

Moving into 2023 and beyond 

At our Public Sector Transform Partner Program event in March, we outlined six key priorities chosen for 2023. We believe these six priorities will help our partners expand their businesses with SolarWinds products.   The six priorities are: 
  1. Grow our business significantly across all sectors, including the public sector. 
  2. Focus on extending SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability and SolarWinds Observability across the sector and grow it in the market. Hybrid Cloud Observability is a comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective solution designed to increase performance and reduce remediation time across on-premises and multi-cloud environments for organizations of all sizes and industries. SolarWinds Observability is a comprehensive SaaS platform that is globally available. 
  3. We recently launched our Healthcare vertical under the public sector and intend to continue to expand it. 
  4. Expanding our subscription-first model, providing more flexible and affordable entry to serve our customers better. 
  5. Continue to grow services and support offerings. We did well in 2022 and know it will be critical for 2023 growth. 
  6. Focus on ITSM and database product lines with enablement programs for our partners focused on customers’ unique needs with resources to sell SolarWinds specialized products. 

Transform Partner Program, built to support you 

As joint solutions are developed, we intend to continue to partner with you to learn more about what you and your customers need. We continue to improve and develop what is needed based on the feedback we receive and the trends across industries.   We have close to 2,000 customers on Hybrid Cloud Observability – a solution only released in late 2022. We also released SolarWinds Observability, a SaaS offering for cloud-based networks focused on database monitoring. Both provide single-pane-of-glass visibility with artificial intelligence and machine learning ops integration, designed to enable faster mean time to discover and resolve issues. In addition, with our continued focus on cybersecurity based on our Secure by Design foundation, customers can rest assured knowing SolarWinds solutions are designed and built with security first in mind.  We look forward to growing our partner program and supporting you, our partners, as you take our observability and related solutions to market. The growth we have experienced in the last six months is just the tip of the iceberg, and we know the future will continue to bring growth.
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