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Marc Netterfield

Cloud Monitoring Engineer, Cardinal Health

Marc Netterfield started in network engineering many years ago, but as an avid experimenter in IT, he quickly expanded beyond merely being a network engineer. His experience as a SolarWinds user began in 2013 and grew as a consultant with a SolarWinds Partner for four years, working in over 200 environments. He's built a reputation as someone who thinks outside the box and works to make life easier for himself as a SolarWinds admin, and by sharing his knowledge with others through his work as a THWACK® MVP. Currently, he uses his skills in his role as a Cloud Monitoring Engineer at Cardinal Health to make life easier for the monitoring engineer, including himself. He likes to say he aspires to be the laziest Orion® Platform admin on Earth and uses tools like the SDK, API, and anything else he can get his hands on towards that goal.

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