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What Is Root Cause Analysis?

August 10, 2018

If you work in engineering or support, you’ve probably spent a lot of time troubleshooting things. You’ve probably spent just as much time trying to figure out why things were broken in the first place. As much as we might like to think about …


Database Systems

After It Broke: Executing Good Postmortems

June 19, 2018

No matter how much automation, redundancy, and protection you build into your systems, thing are always going to break. It might be a change breaking an API to another system. It might be a change in a metric. Perhaps you just experienced massive hardware …



Assessing Database Health and Performance

March 13, 2018

Here is an interesting article from my colleague Joe Kim, in which he explores database health and performance. Part of the problem with managing databases is that many people consider database health and performance to be one and the same, but that’s not necessarily …



The Future is Always Bright

December 15, 2017

In my last couple of posts, I’ve tried to paint a picture of the past and present of database management and monitoring. We’ve seen that good database performance has everything to do with knowledge, which, as we all know, is power. In our case, …



The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience…

December 6, 2017

The title of this post is a quote that might be (or not be) from Albert Einstein. I first thought the title of the post would be something like: “why root cause analysis is your saviour,” but I think knowledge/experience title has more potential, …