The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience…

December 6, 2017

The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience…

The title of this post is a quote that might be (or not be) from Albert Einstein. I first thought the title of the post would be something like: “why root cause analysis is your saviour,” but I think knowledge/experience title has more potential, so I’ll stay with Albert…

I’ve seen my fair share of companies collecting loads of data on incidents happening in their database environments, but using this “knowledge” and use it to come out better experienced seems to be a hard thing to establish.

What Albert means is that we need to make sure that the only way to make things better is by learning from our mistakes. Mistakes will happen and so will incidents, there is nothing we can do to prevent that from happening. And to be honest Albert (and me ;)) wouldn’t want you to stop making mistakes because without mistakes innovation would come to an end. And that would mean that this is it, nothing will ever be better than what we have now. No. We need innovation. We need to push further and harder. In the database world, I mean.

einstein quote

To do so, we’ll have incidents. But if we perform root cause analysis and learn from the incidents happening and try to figure out what we can do to prevent the same problem from ruining our day ever again.

The right tool to perform root cause analysis will provide you all the information needed. We all want to end up like the kid in the picture below, right? Although…. Albert and I might say the only way to innovate is by making mistakes, AND learn from them.


With over 15 years in IT, Arjan has gained a lot of experience in the virtual DataCenter. These days, as a Principal consultant for Metis IT, his focus is on the Software Defined Data Center and helping consultants and the company grow in this fast-changing world. Through his blog, which can be found at VDIcloud, he’s been awarded with the VMware vExpert title multiple times. And as of 2016, his new blog SDDCinfo, he’ll focus more on on the Software Defined Data Center.