Tom Hollingsworth, CCIE #29213, is a 15-year veteran of the networking industry. He spent over a decade as a senior network engineer for an education-focused reseller, specializing in the implementation and operation of advanced technologies. Tom is well versed in the mechanics of campus and data center networks, voice and collaboration systems, and data center virtualization.

Tom has also been a vocal member of the networking community. He is active on Twitter as @NetworkingNerd, and writes on his blog at, as well as being a columnist for Network Computing. He has been a speaker and panel moderator for TechUnplugged and Interop, in addition to serving as the Interop Networking Track Chair and Infrastructure Advisory Board member. Tom has been a regular guest on industry podcasts, including Packet Pushers and Current Status.

Tom is currently serving as an organizer on the Tech Field Day event series, specializing in networking and mobility technologies. He speaks daily with companies on the forefront of exciting new ideas and incredible new solutions, and works with industry influencers to help the greater networking community understand how they work and how networking professionals can take advantage of them in everyday practice.


Getting Out Of Infrastructure Mode

September 21, 2018

Have you talked to your users lately? Here’s a fun task for you this week or next: Take one of your most problematic users out to coffee. Just tell them you’re going to grab a latte together and you just want some feedback. When …


How TV Viewership Is Like Application Monitoring

September 7, 2018

Have you ever read about TV ratings? Almost every person that watches TV has heard of the ratings produced by the Nielsen Media Research group. These statistics shape how we watch TV and decide whether or not shows are renewed for more episodes in the future. …


What Is Root Cause Analysis?

August 10, 2018

If you work in engineering or support, you’ve probably spent a lot of time troubleshooting things. You’ve probably spent just as much time trying to figure out why things were broken in the first place. As much as we might like to think about …