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Greg Stuart

Greg is a technologist at heart. He has spent the last 20 years supporting various information technology projects in both the private and public sector. He started his career out as an intelligence analyst in the United States Air Force and is a veteran of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Greg spent a couple of years floating around the help desk pool before he worked his way into becoming a network administrator. In 2010 he was first introduced to VMware and quickly fell in love with the virtualization technology. Since 2010, Greg has been blogging, tweeting and podcasting about anything and everything related to virtualization. After a 3-and-a-half-year stint at VMware as a Sr. Consultant, he is back to working independently as a contractor supporting various private and public sector projects.

Posts Featuring Greg Stuart

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While there are many silly depictions of machine learning and artificial intelligence throughout Hollywood, its reality delivers significant benefits. Administrators today oversee so many tasks, like system monitoring, performance optimizing,…

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Warning! A Robot Will Do Your Job Soon

Everyone take a deep breath and calm down. The likeliness of a robot taking over your job any time soon is very low. Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing…

Traditional Infrastructure vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Perhaps the title of this post should be “To Hyperconverge or Not to Hyperconverge,” since it’s the question at hand. Understanding whether HCI is a good idea requires a hard…

How to Become a Hyperconverged Infrastructure Expert

Hyperconverged infrastructure has become a widely adopted approach to data center architecture. With so many moving parts involved, it can be difficult to keep up with the speed at which…

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Running a traditional data center infrastructure for years can put your company in a rut, especially when it’s time to pick a new solution. When electing to trade out your…

Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure Beneficial for the SMB?

So much in IT today is focused on the enterprise. At times, smaller organizations get left out of big enterprise data center conversations. Enterprise tools are far too expensive and…

Top 5 Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure is adopted more and more every year by companies both big and small. For small- to medium-businesses (SMBs) and remote branch type companies, HCI provides an all-in-one solution…


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