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How Does AI Benefit the Tech World?

For some, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a scary technology. There are so many articles on the web about how AI will end up replacing X% of IT jobs by Y year. There’s no reason to be afraid of AI or machine learning. If anything, most IT jobs will benefit from AI/machine learning. The tech world is always changing, and AI is becoming a big driver of change. Lots of people interact with or use AI without even realizing it. Sometimes I marvel at the video games my kids are playing and think back to when I played Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (which I still have!). I ask myself, “What kind of video games will my kids be playing?” The same applies to the tech world now. What kinds of things will AI and machine learning have changed in 10 years? What about 20 years? Let’s look at how AI is changing the tech world and how it will continue to benefit us in decades to come.

Making IoT Great

The idea of the Internet of Things focuses on all the things in our world capable of connecting to the internet. Our cars, phones, homes, dishwashers, washing machines, watches, and yes, even our refrigerators. The internet-connected devices we use need to do what we want, when we want, and do it all effectively. AI and machine learning help IoT devices perform their services effectively and efficiently. Our devices collect and analyze so much data, and they rely more and more on AI and machine learning to sift through and analyze all the data to make our interactions better.

Customer Service

I don’t know a single human being who gets a warm and fuzzy feeling when thinking about customer service. No one wants to deal with customer service, especially when it comes to getting help over the phone. What’s our experience today? We call customer service and we likely get a robotic voice (IVR) routing us to the next most helpful robot. I find myself yelling “representative” over and over until I get a human… really, it works! AI is improving our experience with IVR systems by making them easier to interact with and get help from. IVR systems also use AI to analyze input from callers to better route their calls to the right queue based on common trending issues. AI also helps ensure 24/7 customer service, which can be helpful with off-hours issues. You don’t have to feed AI-enhanced IVR systems junk food and caffeine to get through the night!

Getting Info to the User Faster

Have you noticed the recommendations you get on YouTube? What about the “because you watched…” on Netflix? AI and machine learning are changing the way we get info. Analytical engines pour through user data and match users with the info they most want, and quickly. On the slightly darker side of this technology, phones and smart speakers have become hot mics. If you’re talking about how hungry you are, your phone or speaker hears you, then sends you an email or pops up an ad on your navigation system to the nearest restaurant. Is that good? I’m not sold on it yet—it feels a little invasive. Like it or not, the way we get our data is changing because of AI.

Embrace It or Pump the Brakes?

For some, yeah you know who I’m talking about (off-gridders), AI is an invasive and non-voluntary technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to interact with AI at least once in your day. We can’t get around some of those moments. What about interacting with AI on purpose? Do you automate your home? Surf the web from your fridge door? Is AI really on track with helping us as humans function easier? It’s still up for debate.
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