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IT Pro Day 2019: Saluting Our Tech Pros

IT Pro Day 2019
This year marks the fifth anniversary of IT Professionals Day! On the third Tuesday of September, we stop to recognize the dedication and hard work it takes to keep the ever-growing amount of technology we rely on in working order. From network and database engineers to system administrators and tech support team members, we pause to thank all of our rockstar IT pros. Seriously, for everything you do. For over 20 years, our mission at SolarWinds has been to help IT pros solve problems the way employees are looking for them to be solved, using the tools they want to use to get the job done. And it’s not an easy job. Following up on our annual IT Trends Report from earlier this year, we polled global tech pros to gain even more insight into the skills gap and what’s being done to help address it.  The results from our 2019 IT Pro Day survey Building Confidence for Tech Pros of Tomorrow highlight the continued support our IT pros need as technology environments continue to change in the coming years.

What IT Pros Are Saying

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for continued support from the business. Here are a few key takeaways:

Confidence and skill development remain areas of focus

  • According to the survey, 60% of survey respondents have not completed a certification in the last six months
  • 50% of technology professionals who started a certification did not finish, citing lack of time as a contributing factor.
  • 53% indicate monitoring of applications is an area of additional skill development

Increased budget and support is needed

  • 64% of survey respondents indicated a budget and resource increase is key for managing current and future environments
  • 48% cite more support from IT or business leadership is needed to do their jobs more effectively

Top technologies for career development and digital transformation are closely aligned

  • More than 2/3 of IT pros said Cloud/Hybrid IT is the top technology focus for their career development and better alignment with business goals
  • Big data analytics and artificial intelligence aren’t far behind, with nearly half of IT pros rating them each as the next most important technologies

Hone Your Tech Skills With Our Free Two-Day Virtual IT Event of the Year

We know finding the time and budget for trade shows, events, and other training opportunities can be difficult. That’s why we want to make it easier to learn and grow as an IT pro. Join us and a community of 150,000 IT leaders for this year’s virtual IT event of the year—THWACKcamp 2019—happening next month. THWACKcamp is specifically geared to IT professionals on a busy schedule. This two-day event is jam-packed with sessions ranging from IT service management to application management, and so much more. All you have to do to participate is register (for free), then kick your feet up and join us from the comfort of your desk. For the service desk pros out there, be sure to check out the Day 2 sessions for ITSM happening on Thursday, October 17:
  • Graduating from Help Desk to Integrated Service Desk, presented by Patrick Hubbard, HeadGeekTM and Steve Stover, VP, Product Strategy
  • Speedy Solutions Suggested: AI in the Service Desk, presented by Patrick Hubbard, HeadGeekTM and Liz Beavers, Senior Solutions Engineer
  • One Service Desk to Rule Them All: IT Service Management (ITSM) for Your Employees, presented by Patrick Hubbard, HeadGeekTM and Matt Cox, Senior Director, Sales Engineering
Sign up for free today, and invite your entire team if you’d like. Happy IT Pro Day!
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