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IT Pro Day 2018

Guess who's back, back again, IT Pro Day, tell a friend! SolarWinds has once again allowed me to circle the sun as a SolarWinds Head Geek. To me, IT Pro Day is something of a celebration of achievement in goals every year that I once could only imagine. Curiosity has led me down numerous certification paths and even back to college a few times. I celebrate every new mind-expanding opportunity that I’ve been allowed in my career. Today I was asked, “As a technology professional, what would you change if you had the time, resources, and ability to use your tech prowess to do absolutely anything?” Great mind-mapping question indeed. This led me instantly to wonder whether or not—if I were to be given unlimited time and money—I would want to focus on becoming a teacher of cybersecurity and information assurance within STEAM programs. I mean, after all, security is an art that needs to be appreciated at all levels. Spreading knowledge, especially within IT security, is something I believe in passionately. There’s currently a huge gap in security professionals, and by golly, if I have anything to say or do about it, I want that to change quickly! I now work with vocational teachers and help to encourage teachers and young students to dig in and be creative with IT. If we’re not investing in the next generation, then how do you expect to have a product to meet their future needs? You have to carve out the time to hear out their mindsets, and understand how they approach and solve problems. This allows you—whether as an individual or a company—to provide your future customers with services, products, and even marketing that will enable you and your company to be relevant to them. Personally, this IT Pro Day has me thinking about how I can contribute more to things like STEAM programs and Cyber Days for students of all ages. It starts with an idea and can grow into a habit once you allow yourself a little time. I, for one, will start planning my days with at least 10 minutes brainstorming how I can be an IT contributor, and not just a consumer. – Destiny Bertucci, Head Geek, SolarWinds
Destiny Bertucci
Destiny Bertucci is a Security Engineer at SolarWinds with a broad array of certifications and degrees such as Cisco® Certified Network Associate (CCNA), (ISC)² Methodologies, CompTIA IT Operations…
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