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Celebrating IT Pro Day

So, we’re all working from home these days. As I’m living close to our office in Berlin, I occasionally pop in just to see something else than my four walls, but not more often than once or twice in a month. The other day, I went there to get a new laptop. Our local IT genius, Marian, reached out to me on Microsoft Teams to tell me he could be in the office on Wednesday to give me the new device. Knowing he lives an hour away, I decided, “Sure, let’s do this.” So, we met and while he was prepping the laptop, he told me he bought a new car a few days ago but still needs to register it. Wait, he came to the office with public transport just for me? What an extra mile! But then his phone rang, and he took the call just to tell me a few minutes later something’s wrong with the documentation of the car and he must take care of it now. I asked him what I need to do to finish the setup and he said, “Let it finish the job and log in with your domain credentials. You might want to make sure your files are in the cloud.” I think I can do that! But he also said, “I’m there for you if anything goes wrong. Just ring or text me. I might lose connection while sitting in the tube but will take care of you.” That’s more than just an extra mile. That’s hopping through the galaxy in light speed with a Star Destroyer. Unfortunately, as SolarWinds employees we’re not allowed to nominate our own IT guys for the IT Pro Day Awards. But I’m pretty sure there are more people out there like Marian, working in the background, keeping their heads down, and just making sure everything works as expected. And some even go far beyond that, and that’s what makes a solid IT pro an exceptional one. Let’s have a drink, shall we? “Auf die Technikexperten” is what we would say here in Berlin, “to the IT professionals.” Celebrate yourself.
Sascha Giese
Sascha Giese holds various technical certifications, including being a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), VMware…
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