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Joey D'Antoni

Joey D'Antoni is a principal consultant at Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting. He is recognized as a VMware vExpert and a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has over 20 years of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He has worked extensively on database platforms and cloud technologies and has specific expertise in performance tuning, infrastructure, and disaster recovery.

Posts Featuring Joey D'Antoni

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Many organizations invest in high availability and disaster recovery for their key applications. Too many of these organizations, however, forego the most important aspect of this process—testing the failover process…

What’s a Webhook?

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When Legacy Systems Still Make Sense: The Role of Legacy Tech in Your Hybrid Digital Transformation

Despite all the attention cloud systems and enterprise cloud migrations receive, legacy software still plays an active role throughout enterprises. In many cases, critical business processes supported by legacy applications…

Popular Hybrid Cloud Providers Compared

As enterprises begin migrating to the public cloud, it’s important to realize this movement doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. Typically, cloud migration workloads move in groups related to applications…

What Is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)? The SRE Role Explained

Historically, there was a clear delineation between what system administrators (SysAdmins) do and what application developers are responsible for in IT organizations. In recent years—especially in organizations focused on software…

What Are Microservices? Advantages and Examples

As enterprise applications changed over time to serve different business needs and computer systems evolved from the monolithic architecture of mainframes into client-server and distributed systems, mechanisms for communications between…

What Is a System Administrator? A Complete Guide to SysAdmin Roles and Responsibilities

System Administrators (SysAdmins) often represent the core of IT organizations. SysAdmins manage the organization’s computing infrastructure, encompassing servers, virtualization, networking, and storage. For many years, the term System Administrator, or…


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