THWACKcamp 2018 Preview – Monitoring Microservices: IT’s Newest Hot Mess

September 21, 2018

THWACKcamp 2018 Preview – Monitoring Microservices: IT’s Newest Hot Mess

It’s almost that time of year! We’re in full preparation mode for THWACKcamp™ 2018 and can’t wait for you to experience our sessions. Covering everything from network monitoring and management, virtualization, logging, and more, this year’s lineup goes further into making sure you hear the best from our pool of tech maestros (including industry experts and SolarWinds Head Geeks™) who are as passionate about these topics as you are. If you haven’t registered, be sure to do so soon!

While all the sessions sound enticing, I’m inclined to recommend you attend “Monitoring Microservices: IT’s Newest Hot Mess.” In this session Karlo Zatylny, SolarWinds principal architect, and Lee Calcote, SolarWinds head of technology strategy, and I will show you how microservices are different from other applications, when performance bottlenecks most frequently occur, and where you can add monitoring for microservices to stay one step ahead of trouble. We’ll also discuss how to extend existing infrastructure dashboards to include microservice workloads, cut troubleshooting time, and add new business metrics that measure the business goals driving microservices in the first place.

Now in its 7th year, THWACKcamp is the two-day premier virtual IT learning event that brings fully packed session tracks to help you learn and grow even more as a technology professional. Join thousands of skilled admins around the world in registering for this 100% free event. You won’t want to be anywhere else on October 17-18.

See you there!

Patrick Hubbard is a Head Geek and technical product marketing director at SolarWinds. With over 20 years of IT experience spanning network management, data center, storage networks, VoIP, virtualization, and more, Hubbard's broad knowledge and hands-on expertise affirm his IT generalist authority. Hubbard’s initial interest in technology began with a grade school dive into Assembly on the Apple II, and eventually to a half-decade of technogenesis in skunkworks IT at American Airlines. Since then, Hubbard’s career has involved product management and strategy, technical evangelism, sales engineering and software development, all with a focus on application and service delivery for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike that span high tech, transportation, financial services and telecom industries. Since joining SolarWinds in 2007, Hubbard has combined his technical expertise with his IT customer perspective to develop SolarWinds’ online demo platform, launch the Head Geek program and create helpful content that speaks to fellow networking and systems professionals. He runs SolarWinds’ customer education and training program to empower IT Pros to resolve their IT management problems quickly and easily with SolarWinds software. Hubbard is also a Cisco® NetVet and a regular speaker at technology conferences for Ethernet, IPv6 and SDN.