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Three Reasons SSO is DevOps' Best Friend

Nearly 200—that’s how many passwords the average business user has according to an article in Security Magazine. When it comes to troubleshooting, having even just two logins is one too many. Quick resolution requires full visibility into all systems. It also requires quick access to your monitoring tools. That’s the No. 1 reason why single sign-on (SSO) is DevOps’ best friend.

Reason No. 1 – Rapid Problem Solving

Problem-solving can’t be impeded because there are too many passwords to deal with—passwords that might only be used when there’s an event. Imagine being in the middle of critical discovery, then having to hunt for credentials for a different monitoring service. That’s typically when you're going to find out a password has expired, and then have to take the time to set a new one. SSO allows for seamless movement from platform to platform for rapid solution. No need for different credentials to dig deeper. Start in SolarWinds® AppOptics and switch to Pingdom®, Loggly®, or Papertrail without even thinking about it.

Reason No. 2 – Access to Data Across the Monitoring Suite

Let’s say you're roaming around in the logs in Papertrail or Loggly and you spot an anomaly. You can pivot into AppOptics to get the consolidated metric data all in one place in a single click.  Or say Pingdom is indicating the web site is loading more slowly and you want to dive into the logs, you can quickly toggle over to Papertrail and start debugging  rather than trying to pull up another website and entering your user name and password. Having continuous access across the monitoring suite from SSO will expedite troubleshooting. You’ll easily be able get at all the data needed to see what's happening in the environment.

Reason No. 3 – Enhancing DevOps’ Reputation

The modern IT environment is made up of microservices—complex and distributed systems. DevOps teams have their hands full managing the different environments. They require an equally diverse set of tools to manage and could potentially have a slew of credentials. SSO removes that as a potential obstacle and gets to the troubleshooting faster. The faster the resolution, the more value DevOps can bring to the business, moving on to more important work.
Kyler Boline
Kyler Boline is a DevOps Product Advocate at SolarWinds, and has been with SolarWinds since August of 2017. Before that, his previous roles include Cloud…
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