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Help Protect Your Company From a Data Breach

It’s likely no surprise to anyone that the amount of data collected, stored, and analyzed continues to grow exponentially across the globe. From a security perspective, it’s always important to minimize the amount and sensitivity of data stored, but the reality is, if the data is critical to the business, it must be stored, analyzed, and protected. How does an IT pro ensure the data and the environment are protected?

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House

With all this data piling up, it’s no wonder hackers are itching to get in and get their hands on it. We seem to hear mostly about sophisticated zero-day attacks, but email—so necessary to daily business operations—is still the most popular attack vector for cybercriminals. Low-hanging fruit, after all, is the easiest to pluck. Unsuspecting, well-meaning employees can accidentally become infected and act as a launching pad for more complex attacks. Employees also make mistakes and can act as an unintentional insider threat, and there are also not-so-innocent insiders to be concerned about. Employees with malicious intent can steal corporate data and sell it for a profit, and with social media and messaging apps, it can be harder to track than ever.

Layer Up

Given these threats, it’s no surprise a layered security model is the most effective means of protecting your company. But traditional layered approaches are no longer enough; protection must work in tandem with detection to round out a proactive approach. Up-to-date patch management, along with a powerful email security solution and user education, can serve as the first line of defense for a strong security model. Think of these items as locked doors or barred windows—they act as deterrents.

Sound the Alarm

However, no method of security is impenetrable. Hackers are determined, and humans make mistakes. What do you do once they get in—and how long does it take to find out they’ve entered? According to the Ponemon Institute, the mean time to identify a breach was 197 days. What could a hacker do with your company’s data in six months? This is where the alarm system comes in. A proactive security approach, like the SolarWinds® Threat Monitor solution, can help alert you to the presence of suspicious activity before any damage is done. Don’t let hackers make off with your data. For more on how proactive measures—including a powerful threat monitoring solution—can help strengthen your company’s security, check out our eBook, Help Protect Your Company from a Data Breach.
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