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Doubling Down on Database Performance Management

How many applications do you use every day? On average, probably 20. Think about it—We use them to check email, to avoid traffic, to know if we need a coat, to order dinner, and to connect with friends and family. We use others to drive success for our organizations, to present new ideas, to close deals, and to take care of our customers. And this year, we used video conferencing apps to keep the world moving, streaming apps to keep ourselves sane, and online grocery apps. While we’re doing all of that, we’re generating data at an astonishing rate—1.145 trillion MB per day, and IDC predicts we’ll generate 463 exabytes of data each day by 2025. Let’s face it: applications run the business—but applications run on data. Market analysts increasingly highlight the rising importance of data. As Clive Humby noted back in 2006, and as has been widely debated since, data is the new oil. Meaning, in its raw state it’s of little value, but refined into information and interpreted into insights, it can power entire enterprises, and turn prospects into lifelong loyalists. The better you understand your customer and the experience they have—and want to have—with you, the better you can compete. Data is your competitive advantage, and the need to protect it and to optimize its performance is paramount to delivering the experience your customers expect. It’s why we’re excited to announce SentryOne will be joining the SolarWinds family as we double down on database performance management. Visibility is critical, because database performance is often where the experience goes wrong.  Ensuring your database performance in the cloud is at least as good as it is in your data center is critical as IT organizations “lift and shift” more workloads to the cloud. Otherwise, the digital transformation you expect to deliver for your business will flop, and your business could suffer with it. Because the database is critical to infrastructure and application performance, IT pros and business leaders have to strike the right balance for their organization’s growth, and grapple with making their data perform its best, whether on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid models. And while many look just at the applications, or the infrastructure supporting them, as being the fulcrum for success, the oil running those engines can bring them to a halt if neglected. If you have applications, you have data. And if you have data, you need SolarWinds. Wherever your database is, wherever it lives, we’ll help you ensure its performance, help you keep your customers happy, and keep you ahead of the competition. For more than 20 years, we’ve listened to our users to decide where to focus and what to build. Our THWACK® user community of over 150,000 registered members is a key sounding board for us, not only to understand the problems faced by IT pros and the organizations they serve today, but what’s coming next. They’ve told us clearly, they continue to choose Microsoft to support their growth, and in a recent member census, 63% of respondents said they’re choosing Azure as they migrate to the cloud, up 10 points from last year. We’ve prioritized Microsoft because our customers prioritize Microsoft in their IT strategies, and as database performance management increases in importance, we want you to be ready to meet the challenge. Like SolarWinds, SentryOne serves the needs of today’s IT organizations of all sizes, and adding it gives us additional capabilities important for today’s Microsoft data professionals. As a leading technology provider of database performance monitoring and DataOps solutions on SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and the Microsoft Data Platform, this acquisition continues our commitment to our customers and the platforms they rely on most. SentryOne’s products are designed to meet the needs of nearly everyone who manages databases, and it will become part of the SolarWinds IT operations management portfolio, beginning in 2021.
David Gardiner
David Gardiner is the Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, SolarWinds, an IT management software provider based in Austin, Texas. David brings more than 17 years…
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