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Exciting News: THWACKcamp Registration Is Now Open!

Hey, tech enthusiasts and THWACKsters. We’re bursting with excitement because registration for THWACKcamp® is officially OPEN!

Our 2-day free event is the ultimate virtual IT learning experience. With all this free knowledge at hand and insightful content at your fingertips, this is your moment to discover all the ways to simplify IT.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first THWACKcamp, if you’re a seasoned pro, or just have a passion for all things tech – THWACKcamp has something for every stage of your IT journey.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to soak in amazing IT insights with our product experts, thought leaders, and customers just like you. It’s not just any tech event – it’s a gathering of our tech tribe and the best people on this side of the internet.

Let last year’s attendees tell you what they enjoyed most about the event:

  • “Hearing information first-hand from the source, with the energy and personality that each of the presenters brings”
  • “The fact that there was relevant content to my work”
  • “As close to a live event that I have ever experienced online”

You might be wondering what to do next with all this excitement. Well...

  • Head to the THWACKcamp registration page.
  • Secure your spot for the ultimate tech event of the year.
  • Explore the agenda and start planning your personalized THWACKcamp journey.
  • And most importantly – get ready to decomplexify IT.

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