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Dan has almost 20 years of IT infrastructure experience across the government, managed services and integrator sectors. For the last 15 years, Dan has been working with various data centre technologies specifically focused on storage and virtualisation. Dan’s area of expertise and key strengths are storage, data protection, virtualisation, hyperconverged infrastructure, client delivery and stakeholder engagement. Dan currently works as a Cloud Product Architect in the Global Products team of a major Australian telecommunications company, developing solutions that leverage their private cloud capability and extensive technical footprint.

Posts Featuring Dan Frith

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Striking a balance between good visibility into infrastructure events and too much noise is difficult. I’ve worked in plenty of enterprise environments where multiple tools are deployed (often covering the…

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Disaster Recovery – How Logging Can Help Ensure You’ll Get There

Disaster recovery can be a complicated beast to tame. If you’re attempting to recover your IT infrastructure from some kind of disaster, you’re already faced with a number of challenges.…


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