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Phoummala Schmitt is an IT professional with a broad range of experience that focuses on Microsoft software, VMware, and enterprise storage. Phoummala has extensive experience working in IT consulting and operations at a global scale, where she headed up an enterprise and backup environment that supported employees in more than 30 countries. She holds several certifications, including an MSCA and MCTS, in addition to being named vExpert 2014 and 2015. Phoummala holds several certifications, including an MSCA and MCTS. She has held various jobs in the IT industry, including a position as a Network Analyst in the healthcare industry. Some of her favorite platforms and technologies are Microsoft Exchange Server, mobile devices, and virtualization. Phoummala is also the Co-Host of Current Status Podcast where they discuss the latest technology and is a Central PA VMUG Leader. You can also find Phoummala writing technical articles. • Contributing Technical author • Petri IT Knowledgebase • The Register • 24x7ITConnection • WeBreakTech.com

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Networking Without Firewalls

We have all heard the saying “It’s who you know, not what you know.”  There is truth in the statement. Your personal network can help you succeed in your career…

What Makes a Thought Leader?

What do The Guru, The Expert, The Maven, The Trailblazer, The Leading Light, The Practice Leader, The Heavyweight, The Opinion Shaper, and The Influencer all have in common? These are…

Beating Imposter Syndrome

“Hello! My Name is Phoummala and I have re-occurring imposter syndrome. I struggle with this frequently and it’s a battle that I know I am not alone in.” What is…

The Human Side of IT

The technology industry is about technology. Technology is the fastest changing industry there is, but the often-overlooked part of this industry is the humans that work with the technology. Humans…

Defining Your IT Journey

The IT journey is really nothing more than your career plan or goals that you have for your career. It’s the story of you. I call it the IT Journey because it’s…

Active Directory Monitoring

Active Directory, commonly known as AD, can be considered the heart of the IT infrastructure. It holds user account information, computers and servers, provides authentication and certificates. It even has…

Troubleshooting Exchange Issues

Now that you’ve configured monitoring and alerting for your applications, what are you going to do with the knowledge you’ve gained? Using some of the data that you receive from…

Daily Monitoring of Microsoft Exchange

Email is the lifeline for almost every business in this world. When email is down businesses cannot communicate. There is loss of productivity, which could lead to dollars lost, which…

Application Monitoring: From Fire Fighter to Psychic Powers

As IT professionals, we have all been there, the dreaded help desk call “Is email down?” (Replace with any business critical application). One of the worst things we deal with…


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