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Joep Piscaer

Joep is a technologist with team building skills. He likes all things infrastructure, but really shines when it comes to DevOps. Once a virtualization and storage consultant, he built IaaS platforms, created an army of Community Managers, and built, led, and developed a team of technical architects. Most recently, Joep is building the Jumbo Tech Campus. Jumbo is the fastest growing online supermarket of the Netherlands. As the Technical Pathfinder, Joep is responsible for the DevOps way-of-work, tooling, cloud, and open source strategy of the Tech Campus, the e-commerce software development house. In addition to freelance tech marketing, he runs his own blog, VirtualLifestyle.nl, speaks at industry events, and iss a frequent delegate for TechFieldDay events. He also hosts The Cube sometimes.

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