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Karen Lopez has more than twenty years of experience helping large organizations manage complex, multi-project information technology programs. She's a project manager and data architect, specializing in being practical and getting stuff done over allegiances to methodologies or check lists. Most of her work has been on turnaround projects: helping teams get back to the original goals quickly, but not sacrificing security, reliability, or flexibility. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a VMWare vExpert. Karen loves her work and enjoys networking with others who have experiences to share.

Posts Featuring Karen Lopez

Data Protection: Culture, Tools, People, and Roles

In my previous posts about Building a Culture of Data Protection (Overview, Development, Features, Expectations), I covered the background of building a culture.  In this post, I’ll be going over the data protection…

Culture of Data Protection: What Your Customers Expect

We’ve talked about building a culture, why it applies to all data environments, and some specific types of data protection features you should be considering.  Today, we’ll be considering the culture of protection the…

Culture of Data Protection: Data Quality, Privacy, and Security

As I explained in previous posts on building a culture of data protection, we in the technology world must embrace data protection by design. To Reward, We Must Measure. How…

Culture of Data Protection: Development Counts, Too.

In my earlier post in this data protection series, I mentioned that data security and privacy is difficult: Building a culture that favours protecting data can be challenging. In fact, most…

Building a Culture for Data Protection

Building a culture that favors protecting data can be challenging. In fact, most of us who love our data spend a huge amount of time standing up for our data…

5 More Ways I Can Steal Your Data: Hire People Who Lack Empathy

In this last post of my 5 More Ways I Can Steal Your Data series, I focus on my belief that all data security comes down to empathy. Yes, that…

5 More Ways I Can Steal Your Data: Ask the Security Guard to Help Me Carry it Out

In my recent post  5 More Ways I Can Steal Your Data – Work for You & Stop Working for You I started telling the story of a security guard…


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