Mav Turner is the vice president of product for the network management portfolio and Orion® Platform at SolarWinds. Prior to his current role, Mav held various positions within SolarWinds, including senior sales engineer and senior product manager. Mav has worked in IT management for 20 years, including positions in both network and systems management before joining the SolarWinds team in 2009. Mav has a BS in Computer Science from Texas State University.



Cloud Smart’s Success Relies on Smart Network Monitoring

The Office of Management and Budget’s Cloud Smart proposal signals both the end of an era and the beginning of new opportunities. The focus has shifted from ramping up cloud technologies to maximizing cloud deployments to achieve the desired mission outcomes. Certainly, agencies are …



How Will AI Change Federal Networking?

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) could very well be the next major technological advancements to change the way federal IT pros work. These technologies can provide substantial benefits to any IT shop, particularly when it comes to security, network, and application performance. …



Tips for Building a Battle-Hardened Network

The U.S. Army is leading the charge on the military’s multidomain battle concept—but will federal IT networks enable this initiative or inhibit it? The network is critical to the Army’s vision of combining the defense domains of land, air, sea, space and cyberspace to …