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A lawyer and a network engineer walk into a bar… No, really. Micheline Murphy retired from the law in 2016 after a nearly two-decade career practicing criminal defense. In 2019, her technical works had over 10,000 views. She also writes for the CLN Women in Networking space on topics of importance to the everyday engineer, both men and women. Micheline covers topics such as the difference between diversity and inclusion, how to become a better public speaker, and Imposter Syndrome.

Posts Featuring Micheline Murphy

I Can Do That, Dave: Exploring AIOps

The movies are filthy with examples of artificial intelligence. Some, like the first Terminator, are evil. Some, like the Star Wars droids, work for the good guys. And so many…

The Rise of the Machines: ITOM Meets Automation

I started in the IT industry in networking. I had a negative experience in high school trying to learn computer programming*, so I was relieved route/switch had much less to…

Cheeseburgers on the Grill: ITOM on the Menu

The IT industry loves its acronyms. From ACK to ZTP, if it’s a thing in IT, it has an acronym. But if any industry goes more over the top on…

Use the Force: Making the Study-Habit Stick

So, you’ve decided to go after a certification. Good for you! You’ve made the commitment. You’ve pulled up the exam blueprint and made your plan. You’ve got your own personal…

Getting Ready for Your Own Certification Journey

Some folks find a profession early in their life and that’s what they do until they’re old and gray and ready to retire. Other folks find themselves switching careers mid-way.…


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