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The Hidden Costs of Backup Software

August 31, 2018

The focus of data protection has changed. Backups and data recovery used to exist primarily to protect against human error or natural disaster. The focus was on recovering from an accidental deletion or salvaging company data after a data center burned down. Today, data …



Culture of Data Protection: What Your Customers Expect

August 23, 2018

We’ve talked about building a culture, why it applies to all data environments, and some specific types of data protection features you should be considering.  Today, we’ll be considering the culture of protection the actual owners of the data (customers, employees, vendors, financial partners, etc.) expect from your …


Database Security

Building a Culture for Data Protection

July 12, 2018

Building a culture that favors protecting data can be challenging. In fact, most of us who love our data spend a huge amount of time standing up for our data when it seems everyone else wants to take the easiest route to getting stuff …