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New reCaptcha support in angular-recaptcha

Google released a new reCaptcha that is “tough on bots, easy on humans.” It is really simple to use, and it has greatly improved the security against robots and other hacks. We created an angular component that adds integration with Google’s reCaptcha. This new captcha also slightly changed the way we use it in our websites. The JavaScript API is different, so we needed to upgrade our component to make it work with this new version, and we did! Another change is the verification method. Now, you have to use the response provided by the JavaScript API, your secret key and the user’s IP address. Check the reCaptcha documentation on how to verify the user’s response. You can get latest angular-recaptcha with Bower, by running the following command:
bower install --save angular-recaptcha#2.0 
Make sure you check the README for implementation details. Enjoy!
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