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Monitor MySQL Database Users with VividCortex

VividCortex now supports per-user metrics in Top Queries, so you can monitor MySQL database user activity in detail. By changing the Rank menu from Queries to Users you can now see a breakdown of user activity in the familiar format, all with 1 second resolution. Here “user” means the database user account that the application uses to access the database.


Computed columns also work as usual so you can quickly figure out which users consume more resources such as CPU or IO in addition to the standard metrics (count, time, latency, error rate, etc). Additional information such as per-host user activity and scatterplots of additional data can be found after clicking to drill into the query.

We detect the user by sniffing from the TCP traffic, as usual. There are two places we can capture it: during connection, or from a COM_CHANGE_USER packet. Sometimes we can’t detect a user for a connection in which case we show that as unknown_user

If you’d like a demo of VividCortex, contact us – or simply sign up for a free trial, no credit card required.

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