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Cloud Native Operational Solutions - Data Management

Data management is one of the aspects of information technology that is regularly overlooked, but with the explosion of data in recent years and the growth of data only accelerating, organizations need to get a handle on these large amounts of data. With the digital transformation that organizations are going through, being able to filter out worthless data is critical, given that many organizations are now unlocking competitive advantages based on the data they are gathering and generating. In addition to the growth of data, adoption of public cloud services makes keeping track of data even more difficult with the sprawl of data across on-prem and public cloud. This poses not only an operational concern, but also a security concern from the standpoint of needing to keep track of what data is where. Data management solutions that provide data analysis and classification make this much simpler by providing data about your data to be able to make informed decisions that span capacity planning for data backups to regulatory compliance, in regards to data locality.   The benefits of managed data management are:
  1. Simplified Deployment -  the data management solutions offered by cloud providers provide a quick and easy way to start getting insight from your data by simplifying the deployment process to leverage either a SaaS solution or fully managed solution, which removes much of the heavy lifting of deployment that is common with data management solutions.
  2. Simplified Management - one of the challenges with data insight or big data solutions is the administrative overhead that comes along with managing things like patching or upgrading the software, as well as the number of servers associated with the deployment.
  SaaS Deployment The following solutions are Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments. This means the data management software company hosts the software for its customers.   Veritas Information Map Veritas Information Map is a SaaS-based multi-cloud data management solution. Information maps provide insights into a company's data both on-prem, as well as public clouds, such as AWS and Azure.   Komprise Intelligent Data Management Komprise Intelligent Data Management is a SaaS-based data management solution. Komprise leverages existing industry standard protocols for accessing data from a NAS or S3 bucket to provide insights to things such as data access time or who was the last person to access the data. Komprise supports gathering data insights from NFS, CIFS, SMB, Azure, AWS, GCP, and more.   Fully Managed The following solutions are fully managed solutions such that the cloud provider manages your data management platform on your behalf and enables the IT organization to continue to derive valuable insight out of the data without the management hassle.   AWS S3 Inventory The AWS S3 Inventory solution is a simplistic inventory solution of the objects in an AWS S3 bucket, along with associated metadata, such as the storage class or encryption status.   AWS S3 Analytics The AWS S3 Analytics solution is a storage class tiering recommendation solution that provides data and insight into moving data between storage classes to reduce cost by moving infrequently accessed data to a cheaper storage tier.   Azure Storage Analytics The Azure Storage Analytics solution provides data about various Azure storage solutions such as blob storage, queues, and tables. Storage analytics allows for the creation of charts and graphs to visualize things like data access patterns, including who accessed the data or even where the data was accessed from.   Data management can mean a lot of different things to different people given their specific focus for the data, but despite the different use cases, getting actionable insight from data is incredibly valuable and generally difficult. The goal of managed solutions is to help simplify and expedite the return on investment of data analysis.
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