See App Releases Visually with Change Markers

June 6, 2019

See App Releases Visually with Change Markers

With SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor’s (DPM) deploy markers, you can quickly and visually identify correlations between releases in your app or infrastructure, and changes in system behavior. It’s a one-liner to configure your deploy tooling to send an event to DPM when you launch changes. After that, you can select them from the navigation bar. Deploy events appear as vertical markers on charts and graphs everywhere in the app.


The change markers are at 11:00 in the screen capture above.

Change markers can help you quickly see the association between changes in your systems and changes in database load and performance. Just as importantly, they can help you rule out changes that are due to other causes. Learn more about change markers and other custom events in SolarWinds DPM.

Baron is a performance and scalability expert who participates in various database, open-source, and distributed systems communities. He has helped build and scale many large, high-traffic services for Fortune 1000 clients. He has written several books, including O'Reilly's best-selling High Performance MySQL. Baron has a CS degree from the University of Virginia.