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Obtaining a VMware certification requires effort, dedication, and a willingness to learn independently with a commitment to the subject matter. To fulfill the requirements made by VMware, you must attend a training class before taking the exam. The cost for each of these courses provided by VMware is extremely high, but I found an alternative to fulfill this requirement at a very affordable rate. In my case, I decided to use my personal funds to meet the training requirements made by VMware to pursue the certification. Without question, cost was the deciding factor and thanks to Andy Nash, I discovered Stanly Community College. The course is taught completely online and covers the installation, configuration, and management of VMware vSphere. It also meets all the training requirements made by VMware. If you’re interested in pursuing training provided by VMware, please review the vSphere: ICM v6.5 course to help provide additional information about the course and cost compared to Stanly Community College. I highly recommend reading the certification overview provided by VMware before moving forward with your decision. Each situation is unique, and the information provided will serve as an asset when determining which training option to pursue, including the certification you have in mind. For example, the prerequisites for the VCP-DCV6 exam can be found here. Additionally, the requirements vary for first-time exam takers or if you don’t currently hold a VCP certification. As of February 4, 2019, VMware has removed the mandatory two-year recertification requirements that allows you to upgrade and recertify. There are multiple training options in addition to the choices I listed above, and, in some cases, they’re free of cost and are available to you anytime, anywhere. The formats include hands-on labsvBrownBag, blogs, and various podcasts. Hands-on labs are a fantastic resource because they permit you to test and evaluate VMware products in a virtual environment without needing to install anything locally. VMware products include Data Center Virtualization, Networking and Security, Storage and Availability, and Desktop and Application Virtualization, to name a few. Additionally, this provides you with the opportunity to confirm which product you’re interested in pursuing for the respective certification for without making a financial commitment for the required training course. vBrownBag is all about the community! Its purpose is to help one another succeed through contributions made by fellow community members. In the end, it’s all about #TEAM. Blogs include the following contributors: Melissa PalmerDaniel PaluszekGregg RobertsonLino TeleraChestin HayCody Bunch, and many others. Podcasts include the following contributors: Simon LongPete Flecha and John NicholsonVMware Communities Roundtable, and many more. Let’s examine the pros and cons of pursing a certification.
Pros Cons
Used to measure a candidate’s willingness to work hard and meet goals Cost (out of pocket vs. employer)
IT certifications are required for certain job openings (may assist you with obtaining a desired position as an applicant or current employee) IT certifications are required for certain job openings (may prevent you from obtaining a desired position as an applicant or current employee)
Certifications are used to confirm subject-matter expertise Time (balancing certification training with a full-time job or family responsibilities)
Companies save on training costs if they hire a certified candidate Certifications may not be considered valuable if you don’t have the experience to back them up
Certifications increase your chances of receiving a promotion or raise Test vs. Business needs/situations may not be aligned
Certifications ensure you’re up to date on the latest best practices
As you can see, multiple resources are available to help you succeed in pursuit of your certification, including the wonderful contributors in the #vCommunity.
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