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Who Moved My Active Directory?

Active Directory is the backbone to so many things that run your business. But recent years have brought significant change to this once predictable and reliable tool. As your infrastructure and apps move outside your premises, so does your approach to how you handle your corporate identities. In this session, we’ll tell you how so you can make Active Directory even more useful while keeping your company safe.

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Sonia Cuff, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Sonia connects in-person and online with the worldwide IT community on behalf of Microsoft. As a Cloud Advocate with an IT operations focus, Sonia educates, empowers, and upskills technical communities and captures feedback on how to make Microsoft products even better. With over 20 years’ experience in tech, from large enterprises and government to small and medium businesses, Sonia brings a unique perspective to the realities of operating cloud and hybrid workloads. She’s passionate about improving work and life for everyone in an IT operations role.

Kathleen Walker, Director of Product Marketing, SolarWinds

Kathleen is a director of product marketing for SolarWinds and focuses on network and systems management. She has over 20 year of experience in technology, with her career spanning manufacturing, SaaS providers, security, and systems management products. She is passionate about matching technology to problems it can solve.

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