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Scaling Up and Out With Microsoft Azure

Your infrastructure doesn’t just exist in your building or your physical data center anymore. Critical applications and services can live anywhere. What started with hardware virtualization has evolved to services in the cloud. Wherever your critical services live, it’s important your users can continue …


Fitting Into IT Society

Working with IT around the planet can be challenging, not because of technology, but because of cultural differences. Join Kevin M. Sparenberg, SolarWinds Head Geek™ Sascha Giese, and Stephen Foskett to talk both about those differences and the things we have in common in …


Change Is Good. Monitoring Change Is Better.

You can’t run IT without changes, but changes are the #1 source of problems for IT. The fact is, you can’t – and shouldn’t – avoid change. In this session, Head Geeks™ Thomas LaRock and Leon Adato show you how to observe, confirm, and …


Your Golden Ticket to Alert Reduction

SolarWinds Orion Alerting brings optimizations with the four golden signals: latency, errors, saturation, and traffic. These are your key signals to effective alert noise reduction. In this session, SolarWinds Distinguished Engineer Karlo Zatylny joins SolarWinds Head™ Geek Patrick Hubbard to discuss why these are …


Upgrade, Migrate, or Both?

Join us once again for the best game show in software: Upgrade, Migrate, or Both! We pit our two experts against each other in scenarios you could encounter in your own environment. Additional Resources Reasons to Upgrade Orion® Platform Products From a 2012 Infrastructure Orion Platform …


Cloud Spoils Everything

As the leading public cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a variety of services. Unfortunately, a handful of “cloud myths” remain as blockers to adoption. In this session, SolarWinds Head Geeks™ Thomas LaRock and Patrick Hubbard, speak with Microsoft Cloud …


Bust the Ghost VMs in Your Cloud Closet

We all have free and available resources lurking in our infrastructure, though sprawl reduces efficiencies, and many resources are “technically” being consumed by “ghosts” and zombie machines. But don’t worry, you don’t need a proton pack to effortlessly find and zap them into oblivion. …


A Ghost in SolarWinds Machine Learning

Finally, artificial intelligence and machine learning are moving past hype and into the tools you actually depend on to keep operations humming. And now that machine learning has arrived in SolarWinds products, we know you’ve got some questions – probably a lot of questions. …


Who Moved My Active Directory?

Active Directory is the backbone to so many things that run your business. But recent years have brought significant change to this once predictable and reliable tool. As your infrastructure and apps move outside your premises, so does your approach to how you handle …