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All Aboard the Hype Train for THWACKcamp 2022

Update 3/4/2022: If you missed our virtual THWACKcamp 2022 event this year, be sure to visit the On-Demand page, where you can access recordings and related content for all the sessions. For the sessions mentioned below, a link where you can access the recording has been added. For a recap of THWACKCamp 2022, you can also check out this post by Head Geek Kevin Klein. It’s almost time for THWACKcamp once again! As with every year, it will be completely free and 100% virtual. I don’t know about the rest of you in the community, but I’m fired up to chat, network, and learn together once again. Before I go too far into nostalgia (check out Kevin and I on TechPod doing just that) I’m excited to highlight--in no particular order--some of what we have planned for the 10th year of THWACKcamp.

What THWACKCamp Sessions I'm Excited to Watch

Beyond ITSM – Embracing Enterprise Service Management Join Head Geek Liz Beavers and Sales Engineer David Russel as they explore the benefits and value of growing your ITSM investment (with examples!) to include other departments outside of IT. I don’t know about y’all, but I love a good use case scenario. I may not be the expert on ITSM, but that’s exactly why I want to watch this session—to learn more about how it can help the rest of IT. Future of AIOps I always learn something when Karlo Zatylny, Distinguished Engineer, graces us with a talk and I know this will be no exception. I can’t wait to hear more about the benefits of AIOps, what it means, and where it’s going in the industry. APM’s Evolution to Observability Principal Product Marketing Managers Melanie Achard and Pete DiStefano with Product Marketing Manager Rachel Frnka take a trip through history to tell the story of APM and the evolution to observability. Personally, I always enjoy the added perspective learning more about IT’s history and how that led to where we are now brings. Integrating IT Resources to Optimize Service Operations We all know by now how passionate I am about the value of non-technical skills in this technical world we live in. This session with Liz Beavers and Sales Engineer Sean Sebring looks to discuss the ways and value behind connecting collaboration, communication, remote support tools, and monitoring software with your SolarWinds® Service Desk. This session looks to add more fuel to my fire for promoting non-technical skills. What Does Network Monitoring Mean in the Cloud? Group Vice President Product Management Brandon Shopp will be discussing the trend—accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic—of increased digital transformation and work-from-home policies, and the holes this poked in current device-centric network monitoring. This session should be an interesting look at the changing requirements of network monitoring as a whole and where the future is headed. And more, including keynotes on observability and Secure by Design!

What Sessions I’m Personally Excited to Bring You

The Notification Decision Tree Kevin M. Sparenberg and I are happy to be paired once again to discuss notifications—no, we don’t just mean an alert. We’re going to discuss the audience of said notification, how that affects the data they need to see (and the way they need to see it!), and why you should take better care with your monitoring notifications. We don’t need any more Inbox rules relegating monitoring alerts to the trash! It’s Not the Network, but It’s Still Your Problem Like your parents, I’m here to talk to you about responsibility with Kevin M. Sparenberg’s help. I’m kidding—sort of. We’re here to help you lose the blame game (we know—it’s not the network) and get to resolutions more quickly, no matter where the problem lies. Why should you care? Join us to find out. Level Up! Games vs. Reality: Career Achievement Unlocked My fellow Head Geek Sascha Giese will be joining me on a fun adventure leaning on our gaming roots to discuss advancing your career through learning. It may seem nonsensical, but I promise—it will be an interesting perspective. I’m really looking forward to the fun we’ll be having with this topic. We look forward to experiencing your reactions, questions, and commentary in live chat. If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for? Go to THWACKcamp.com to register, see the full session descriptions, and bookmark the talks you don’t want to miss. Let us know in the chat what you’re most excited for.
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