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THWACKcamp Keeps You Coming Back for More!

With over 20 years in the IT field and spending the last five-ish years working specifically as the “monitoring guy” for a major U.S.-based retailer; I’ve attended numerous conferences, but none compared to THWACKcamp. This two-day virtual conference is like no other I’ve attended either as a viewer or a presenter. THWACKcamp is your opportunity to spend two full days with fellow monitoring geeks to share new ideas and to learn about some of the exciting things coming to the SolarWinds portfolio. There are a few reasons why THWACKcamp will leave you coming back for more; at least from my point of view.  First, is the community.  No matter if this is your first time attending THWACKcamp or your 10th; THWACKcamp is your chance to spend time with other THWACKsters. Share ideas, ask questions, and get inspired on ways you can help your organization with robust monitoring solutions. The community is the one thing that makes SolarWinds different than any other vendor. Everyone has FAQs, admin guides, and support services, but none of them are a community. THWACK is members helping members, and THWACKcamp showcases that perfectly! Where else can you go to with zero knowledge on crafting a new dashboard only to find the exact dashboard on the content exchange—ready for you to download and import into your system? You’ve just saved hours of time and it’s all thanks to the THWACK community. Even after the two days are over, THWACK and its members stand ready, willing, and able to help! That leads me to the second reason: idea sharing! It’s no secret that SolarWinds offers powerful solutions—many based around the Orion Platform. Right out of the box, these solutions are great, but customizing them to your needs helps takes them to a superb fit for your organization. THWACKcamp is your chance to learn from the SolarWinds professionals and other community members on the best ways to continue to push your monitoring ecosystem to each successive level of excellence. If you’re in my situation where you find yourself as de facto “monitoring person,” THWACKcamp is the best way to gain insight into the changes that have occurred within the solutions and the full backing of the hundreds of thousands of THWACK members to help you figure things out. The third reason is prizes! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Throughout the two-day conference, you can take part in prizes. These prizes can be awards for doing nothing more than asking a question or sharing an idea (please visit THWACK for more information as we get closer to THWACKcamp). THWACKcamp is your chance to be with the community, learn how to harness the power of monitoring to best serve your customers, and have a chance to garner free stuff! Registration is now open, and you can be sure I’ll be in attendance on March 2 - 3. Register now, build your own customized agenda, and feel free to say “hello” to me in the chats.
Ben Keen
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